Sesshin – Zen meditation retreat

Encountering the Heart-Mind

Sesshin~Encountering the Heart-Mind

Sesshin is a cornerstone of Zen practice for which there is no substitute—it is pivotal and essential for serious practitioners who hope to gain insight into their true nature. Sesshin means “touching the heart-mind.” It is a silent group meditation retreat in the Zen tradition.

Silence is a powerful tool to go deeper into our personal practice, foster peace, simplicity and direct presence; it can help us understand our lives more clearly. We do sesshin as a group as the support that each person gives to the others is vital for a strong sesshin.

Sesshin is an opportunity to spend time away from distractions to wholeheartedly engage in zazen (sitting meditation). It is in this atmosphere that deep and valuable insights, as well as true realization, can emerge. As the heart and mind settle, there is space to see the true nature of this life. It compliments a daily sitting practice and allows a period of time when each person can sink in to the silence and take the rare opportunity to look closely at their life.

Participants can sign up for all or part of a retreat and will find a supportive and caring community for developing their individual meditation practices. You can come for just part of the time for a sesshin if you can’t make the whole thing.

Those who have completed the Beginner’s Mind Retreat program or the Introduction to Zen for Beginners at the Baguio Zen Center or its Affiliate Zen Centers may join our group for these events.


2 day weekend sesshin for 2017

Schedule of sesshins for 2017

Attending a Zen retreat

Typical Zen Retreat Schedule

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