How to become a student of the Baguio Zen Center

Meditation is open to everyone. Members of Baguio Zen Center are committed to making monthly contributions to support our community and the dharma. Members also volunteer in various capacities to help support our activities and administrative needs. This is a wonderful way to support the continuation of the practice that supports you.

If you have been attending some of our weekly meditation sessions with regularity, and at least one retreat, and have developed a stable daily meditation practice, at a certain point it may become clear that the next step is to become a formal Zen student. This involves a simple and brief ceremony in which you commit to having Elda Perez as your primary guide along the Zen way, and she commits to doing her best to guide you in Zen for as long as you want her to.
It is something to discuss with our teacher, and may evolve quite naturally as your practice stabilizes and deepens.


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