Beginner’s Mind Zen Retreat

 Sitting Meditation

Zazen-Sitting Meditation

 The Baguio Zen Center offers a unique opportunity for those who wish to learn about Zen practice in a secular environment. Zen is a practice and a way of life that people can undertake, even in the midst of a busy family and school or work-dominated life.

The introductory workshop-retreat is an experiential and visceral plunge into guided Zen training for the enthusiastic beginner. Attending a Zen retreat for beginners is often a great way to jump-start your practice, or to deepen an ongoing one.

Designed for those new to Zen, the weekend overnight retreat series introduces the most important aspects of traditional training within the context of the unique Zen program in the Philippines. In this course the necessary preliminary information concerning practice in the Sanbô Zen line (the Order of the Three Treasures), is briefly and systematically presented. You will be guided on the basics of “sitting meditation” or “zazen: posture, breathing, and concentration”.

Many of us have read books on Zen or meditation, been doing meditation on our own, or have been looking for a teacher or a group of practitioners. In this retreat you will have the opportunity to experience for yourself that which you’ve been reading about, to find strength and encouragement in practicing alongside other like-minded people, and to directly explore the student-teacher relationship.

Participants will also learn proper zendo protocols and etiquette, walking meditation, mind-body practices, and other areas of training in mindfulness meditation, while also having ample opportunity to ask questions about Zen. Instruction is tailored to individual needs.

During the workshop we spend a portion of the time actually doing the practice; by the end of the course, participants have enough information to begin to establish and continue Zen practice daily at home or at work – that is, how to practice mindfully anytime, anywhere. This is essential if it is to be effective and beneficial. No prior experience in meditation is required.

Each weekend course is led by an authorized Zen Center teacher and students; it also offers the opportunity for private interview with the teacher. In this way the newcomers are given plenty of time to decide whether or not they really want to practice in this sangha (community) or to go somewhere else. Even if you’ve sat zazen with other groups, it’s worthwhile coming to an introductory session, as all Zen traditions have slightly different ways of doing things.

Each workshop begins at 9am Saturday morning with an extensive orientation and concludes at 5 pm Sunday afternoon with an overnight stay at the retreat house.

The Baguio Zen Center is pleased to offer a series of workshop-retreats at two levels to help you get started.

Zen for Beginners Part I (1st weekend) offers instruction in the basic elements of Zen & Mindfulness Meditation and provides practical tools to help you meet the challenges of everyday living. The classes are designed for beginners but they are also open to people with experience. The retreat workshop fee of Php 3,400* per person includes vegetarian meals, course files and an overnight stay at the retreat house.

Zen for Beginners Part II (2nd weekend) builds on the foundational work of Part  1 creating a deeper understanding of Zen practice and meditation. Follow-up group sessions for newcomers are available for all those who have completed the first weekend introductory course. The 2nd weekend registration fee is Php 3,400* per person.

*We have a sliding scale payment structure of enrollment which corresponds to the time constraints and needs of interested participants. The sliding scale is a very common and acceptable form of fee arrangement. This allows participants to pay what they can afford in a flexible, individually tailored way. No one is turned away for lack of funds. Discounts are available for a group of two or more participants.

The schedule for the Beginner’s Mind Zen Retreat for 2017 will be on:

Part 1 First Weekend – May 27-28, 2017

Part 2 Second Weekend  – July 1-2, 2017

For more info click  2017 Beginner’s Mind Retreat Schedules

The venue will be the ICM House of Prayer, #4 C.M. Recto Road, Baguio City (see map) and the cost per person at P3,400* per weekend session including food and lodging.

We provide individual private rooms with shared CR facilities at the venue. If you find your self in any difficulties regarding the schedules or financial cost please do not hesitate to contact us and will try to find a suitable solution for you.

For more information concerning the retreat-workshop or to register, please contact

Dr. Rudi Tabora.

Mobile: 0977 827 6942

email :



Sesshin (Zen Group Sitting Meditation Retreat) An Encounter of the Heart-Mind

ICM House of Prayer

ICM House of Prayer, Baguio City

ICM Zendo (Meditation Hall)

ICM Zendo
Zen Meditation Hall


ICM House of Prayer, Baguio City

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