Walking meditation

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Walking Meditation – Kinhin

Walking Meditation Instructions

Meditating while walking has a long, noble history in ancient spiritual disciplines. One example is the Zen Buddhism practice of kinhin, which is often performed in groups, single file, to the sound of a clapper or bell. Other spiritual traditions have different forms of contemplative walking, but all share a similar purpose: to focus on synchronized breathing and stride in order to develop mindfulness of the present moment.

The key technique for walking meditation is to be mindful of walking and aware of the touching of the feet to the ground and our breathing. While walking, practitioners mindfully note this arising and passing away of feelings as the soles of the feet lift off or touch onto the ground.


Keep the full attention on sensations that arise through walking. Walking quick or slow depends on each practitioner. If the mind wanders a lot, walking slowly is suitable. Then bring the mind back to the sensations at the feet and continue walking. While walking the mind may become calm and tranquil. Stop and stand to allow the mind to experience this calmness and tranquility.

Focus the eyes down on the ground/floor about six feet in front of you or at a suitable distance for each individual. Don’t look around.

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Outdoor kinhin – mindful walking


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