Beginning Zen

Zazen Mudra

Sitting Meditation (zazen) and Mindfulness Meditation are simple and effective methods for self awareness. These practices offer you a path toward balance, grounding and personal growth. It is down to earth and practical—nothing mysterious or esoteric. It cultivates our inherent capability for meeting life’s challenges with openness, clarity and compassion. We can gain personal experience of inner peace and well being by applying them. Anyone, regardless of religious belief, social or educational background can benefit greatly from these practices.

We offer Introduction to Zen for Beginners orientations every first Sunday afternoon of each month at 2pm. In this three hour orientation workshop for beginners we offer the basics of Zen meditation and grounding in the practice of mindfulness meditation. This workshop will include short periods of sitting meditation, walking meditation, and informal talks relating to actual Zen practice. There will be plenty of time for questions, discussion and sharing. There is no pressure or expectation to join anything, or continue coming after your initial visit.

If one chooses to go deeper into Zen, there follows a three (3) weekend Orientation Workshop.

Orientations are held at the Baguio Zen Center, The Tea House Zendo at the ICM House of Prayer Compound, #4 C.M. Recto Rd. Baguio City.

What to Bring: you don’t need to bring anything.

What to Wear: wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.

There is a Php 200.00 suggested donation. If you can’t afford the suggested donation, please pay an amount that is within your means. No one is turned away. Everyone is welcome.

Find a local group near you. The best way to learn Zen meditation is from a teacher or experienced practitioners, but if you are not able to come to the Baguio Zen Center please visit our affiliate Zen Centers nearest you. Information and support is available from our community of practitioners.

For more information concerning the orientations and schedules or to register, please contact

Dr. Rudi Tabora.

email :

See also: Beginners Mind Zen Retreat

Image: mudraZuisei1.jpg


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